I have currently been rolling the ideas around, almost literally, of using bits and pieces of video from all the places I have called home. Over the last couple of months I have become extremely homesick but it is many places I miss. Since I moved from Tennessee to Connecticut 2 years ago I have only returned to visit twice, due to school and finances I wasn’t able to visit as much as I would have liked. I had thought of Tennesre as a place I had lived in for a number of years but never really as home, my desire began to grow more and more for the place and all the associations of the people and land becoming an homogeneous want for home.

Not realizing this pain of wanting home, the reality of how long I had spent away from Hawaii set in. The place where I spent my more forming years, where my father was born, and much of my family still live. It had been about 9 years since I had left the island and returning brought back more then an emeses feeling of nostalgia but something familiar to the want or desire for home. Looking around I recognized how much I was a part of this place and its people but also how I was not. It is in this idea of being a part and being separate, how being a nomadic person(s) contributes to the connections and disconnections of home. 

This is where the collaboration comes in…I would like to ask fellow artist, friends, and family to send me bits of video footage of their or our home. In this way I can allow my view to grow and integrate with those experiences of others. Bring the places I miss and long for to me, allowing the chance for connectivity once again.

[ If you would like to participate please send me short (1-5 min.) digital video of pieces of your home or things that remind you of home.

These works will be used as small video sections of a cube that will move, rotate, and transition into forms I will use to build with in a larger video piece. They will not be the main video of any piece but rather a smaller part of a whole. ]

Specific focus locations: Tennessee, Hawaii, Okinawa/Japan, and California

Submission Specs:
1-5 min. digital video (up to 3)
1080p preferred (smaller can be used but may become pixilated in final piece)
Brief description and comment on submitted footage

Comment on this post with a link to footage from your YouTube or  Vimeo  account. Video(s) and/or questions can be sent to asuncionlan[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you do not do video still imagery and audio/music can be submitted…I would love to see this collaboration grow into a complex variety of mediums.

(Note: Not all submitted video will be used for final piece)


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