Contemporary Arts Center: Troy, NY

The duration of the artist residency was 2 weeks, May 27-June 9, 2012.

On arriving to CAC Woodside I was immediately pleased at the quietness around the Chapel. Everyone who was at the residency welcomed me. Then at a wonderfully hospitable homemade dinner all the residence and the director Hezzie sat around the dinner table introducing our selves…and then in an attempt to introduce me to the others who were not present at my arrival everyone chose a person to imitate, it was quite entertaining.

For the first few days all the work I had been preparing to do came flooding in at once and on the 2nd day I became overwhelmed. It seems my initial impulse when beginning to work on a  new body of work I start with a large project idea, melding many ideas together…then begin to deconstruct and dissect every part. By doing this I came to new perspectives of the work but it is exhausting and in this case I had 2 weeks and that caused a bit of anxiety within me. There is no particular kind of work I had to do, but rather if I could find a balance of openness to the space and ideas then all the work I have been planning can be transformed into what it needs to be.


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