3-D GRAPHICS: Forming Video in Space

The birth of the idea for this video project came from New Haven’s City Wide Open Studio Anniversary theme of Crystals, because of my 1st year participating I wanted to contribute to this. Initially I was quite hesitant to participate in an idea that seemed to be so far from my own work, but then through research and exploring on the subject I was brought to learn about the very interestingly creation of the city of Brazil by the country’s Modernist urban planner and architect Lucio Costa, and the luminous city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás (High Paradise).

Alto Paraíso is specifically known for its bountiful quarts crystal quarries; and is location to more then 40 mystical, philosophical, and religious groups that give the name “The Brazilian Capital of the Third Millennium.”

The urban planner of Brazil proposed Modern Brazil from a mythological origin that unfolded into a culturally rich ideological plan from beginning to end. Costa’s envisioned Brazilia as an egalitarian, harmonically conceived environment, the city was designed to foster collectivity and integration.

Costa’s Alto Paraíso (Costa’s High Paradise)
HD video stills

Graphic assistance: Mike Schleif

The following video stills are from the middle, 1 of 3, that will combine to make Costa’s Alto Paraíso (note: working title). After reading the Costa’s text and background information on both locations I began to compile visual references to tell a non-linier story. This is the first created of the three and will be use to transition the other bookend videos. While I am currently working on the other two, I try to continue to consider how these pieces can be layered with all the pieces and parts I want them to be filled with, but at the same time, be presented in a simple manner that can be overall easy to enter into as a viewer.


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