GRAPHICS: First Steps Forward

Last year I began to work on integrating computer graphics into my video work. The introduction has taken time to progress into something I could wrap my mind around, and begin to find ways to use it within my work. I hesitated posting something I myself was unsure about,  but as of now can confirm that integration of computer generated imagery will continue to be something I consider and more regularly use.

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In the following piece I directed and my co-worker Mike Schleif created from the last section of my video: Pineapple Girl Series: 3 Seasonsa transition in the means of time and space; creating a visually tactile transition of object & substance. The goal was to see how seamless I could get a pineapple to transition into a substance that looked like sugar or snow, a disintegration of solid form into the space, in this case a snowy day.

Pineapple to Sugar from Lani Asuncion on Vimeo.


Departing from this point, I have began to thinking of new ways to use this medium. There is an aspect of video that graphics calls upon as a reference of itself, creating another context to the work and bringing it farther aways from ideas of the past and more into the mechanical reproduction of the future.

I am currently working on a piece for New Haven’s City Wide Open Studio’s (Erector Square) theme of Crystals that has brought me to Brazil and its urban design and back again to my own ideas and views of place, mythology, and location; more will be posted soon on this project and event soon.


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