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I was told about this book of prose by fellow AiR Jimmy Newborg. Three days after he lent it to me I dove into it the night before I was to give my artist talk at Calder’s January Open Studio’s, my nerves were a mess and I was tired form excessive writing needing actual time to step back form the massive project I just produced. Plowing through the book in a night at the end I felt overwhelmed and a strong connection to the contents throughout the pages…to Carson, I cried. Not because I was sad or really upset even but rather overjoyed at the success of the project and everything experienced in the making of it. I realized that I had just taken something that I put my entire self into and now it was gone from me and existing out and free to be viewed, experienced, and critiqued by the world. Like the boy named Geryon, I too continue to painfully grow with each artwork made and completed, a little piece of me goes with it.


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