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HUMANIMAL: A Project for Future Children | by: Bhanu Kapil

I read this book of prose through Kindle on my iPhone on the 5 hr. flight form Oregon to Atlanta & then NYC. It was by far one of the most creatively moving works I have ever read, so intensely gripping I had to look up and remind myself where I was and that I was reading a text. Fellow Caldera AiR Beth Loffreda referred me this text and now I understand why. This book is phenomenal  using pain, history, and poetic grace as a way to trace back to a possibly exsisting past that needs to be remembered, held, and cared for. It brought me through the jungles of India and into the life of two young farel wolfgirls Kamala and Amala who are ‘saved’ by a Priest. I would love one day to do a work based of these two sisters and Kapil’s work in general.

One of the texted that gripped me and is so moving…

“Lucidly, holographically, your heart pulsed in the air next to your body; then my eyes clicked the photo into place. Future child, in the time you lived in, your arms always itched and flaked. To write this, the memoir of your body, I slip my arms into the sleeves of your shirt. I slip my arms into yours, to become four-limbed.”


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