Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery | Exhibition

Screen shot 2014-01-13 at 2.59.16 PM

Exhibiting ‘3 SISTERS: Lost Myth [Eruption]‘ installation @ Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery
JAN. 13-FEB. 01, 2014 Exhibition
14 Onlyville Square, Providence, RI  [map]

If you are in the Providence area please stop or drive by my exhibit in the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery. Let me know what you think of the work I would love to hear your feedback.

The installation is based off the conflict between the 3 Sisters in my 3 SISTERS: Lost Myth text and the sacrifice by the 3 Fingered Jack character.

…An elder and appointed advisor to the Sisters, father of the land Jack, saw the arising conflict develop and warned the three of allowing their passions to overtake them. The 3 Sisters began to fight. The fires within them grew strong, spewing out onto the land; nothing was safe from their rage.

Middle Sister did not stand down. She took Collier Glacier that was developed by allowing a stagnant mass of water to freeze, collected by her body, that she stabbed into North’s side. Parts of North crumbled as the ice slid into her. While North and Middle fought, South Sister caught the attention of Mount Bachelor, but when the two sisters noticed this, they plucked each and every tree from her crown. Throughout this entire catastrophe elder Jack wanted the raging between the sisters to end. He offered them a finger from each hand as a sacrifice to save the land and all that lived on it.  This offering woke the sisters to their misdeeds, and reminded them of their vow to protect and keep the land.


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