PechaKucha Winter | Presentations

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Bellow is a slideshow of the slides I used during my PechaKucha presentation, 20 slides each at 20 seconds. Eric Zeiberg was a hard act to follow but I am so blown away by his dedication and sucess of his I Speak 4 U application. It was so wonderful to seeing all the people who came out to listen and support me and my presentation peers.
I am so honored to have had the chance to speak with all the other artists, innovative presenters, and performers. If you have something you are passionate about and would like to share it with the New Haven Community or if you live somewhere else look up to see who to contact for your local PechaKucha 20×20 and how to get involved in one of their sharing & showing events. I am excited to attend future PechKucha events. Come out and support them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PechaKucha: Winter


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