A Collection of Visual Stories

collection_visual_stories_1sideA Collection of Visual Stories was a screening of 12 selected video works and the first public screening of the final cut of VAGABOND. Hosted by the historically rich Lyric Hall Theater in Westville. Exhibiting in the front room was photographs & sculptures from my Pineapple Girl Series. Other pieces of this work will be showing in Hartford in December at The Gallery at Constitution Plaza in the Connecticut Office of the Arts.

Funds raised from this event will go towards the production of Part III of my 3 SISTERS Series, Dreamtime. It will be produced at Bilpin International Grounds for Creative Initiatives [BigCi] in New South Wales, Australia scheduled for July 2016.




Fem//me Show: Opening Night

Despite the heat, the Fem//me was successful with a steady stream of attendees who were engaged and interactive with the work & artists. There was a live performance by David Livingston who wore his large pink & fuzzy phallus as he stared at the audience, breaking quite the sweat. There was a lot of fun fondling going on, helped keep good vibes throughout the night.

It was really good to hear feedback on the 3 SISTERS & DEVILS HOPYARD SERIES, it was the first time showing the rope performance/sculpture pieces and there was a lot of people that reposed to these works. I have one person ask me if their band could use the SISTERS piece in a one of their performances or to show it on stage while they performed. I love how people cannot help but touch the work because it is to tactile.

During this show I in real life outside of FB friending, met Laura Marsh who also showed sculptural work in this show. It was great to have her Cat Eye, 2011 piece across from my work. I love the playful and unavoidable nature of Laura’s work due to the size and excessively wonderful use of materials.

It excites me to have had the opportunity to show the other women artists in the show and I’m looking forward to working with Selby Nimrod again in the future.


This weekend I worked for the first time in a professional video studio. There was not too much of a difference other then I did not have to wait for the sunlight and had total control of lighting and background in post. I still shot all the footage on my Canon T2i w/ 50mm 1.4f fixed lens but because everything was controllable the shoot time went very fast and everything came together nicely. The sequential order of the images make the process look easier than it was to edit all the elements together. It was nice to experience a new way of working with video and editing, and to work with someone who is just as excited about making the ideas come to life as you are.

I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks I can shoot and edit together the transitional shots for the end of this video sequence.

Video shoot was on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012.