LINCOLN OAK TREE PROJECT: Cement, Paper, & Copper

After somehow lifting an 80 lb. bag of cement into my car (with the help of getting a second bag from Dustin DeMilio, thank you for the help I don’t think I could have lifted another one alone) brought it into my studio and casted the form for the shrine portion of my piece.

2014-02-16 15.09.51

Then after careful preparation (wearing gloves & respirator), taping down the forms that would become the negative of the piece and spraying the inside of the mold with silicon, I began the mixing. Man does it take a lot of energy to mix cement, was not an easy task. After about an hour the piece was all poured into the mold that I left for a week to cure. Thankfully cement is caustic so the fact that my water to cement ratio may not have been 100% accurate did not ruin the mold.

2014-02-16 17.28.15 2014-02-16 18.38.46

Returning after a week of letting the piece sit, at first the piece did not budge but after a bit of nudging with a mallet the piece separated from the mold. The glass forms were not easy to remove and had to be smashed with a hammer. All and all casting cement was not as impossible or difficult as I thought it may be and love how the piece came out.

2014-02-23 13.00.23

2014-02-23 14.09.05

The head pieces for the dancers was tricky to conceptualize. I wanted the pieces to be light visually and physically and have a unit like multiplicity, the triangle form worked perfectly. At first I wanted to use copper, but the metal was to hard and I was worried it might hurt the dancers when then were wearing and performing with it. I decided to use vellum paper because it had a nice translucent quality but was durable when put together in units. This is one week in.

Last week I added the copper leaf to the inside of the cement bowls.


OPEN STUDIOS: Erector Square

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 1.34.18 AM

Two events coming up this week that I will be participating in during City Wide Studios in New Haven hosted by ArtSpace in New Haven.

Friday, Oct. 11 @ 7-9:30 PM
City Wide Open Studios will offer curator-led studio tours to preview the Erector Square Studios where I am one of the selected artists. Guest are invited to attend a cocktail party hosted by Fred Giampietro’s Erector Sq. Gallery. If you are interested in attending please follow the link to buy tickets, all raised funds go to supporting ArtSpace.

Sat. & Sun., Oct. 12-13 @ 12-5 PM
Erector Square
317 Peck St.,
Bld. 07/ Floor 02/ Suit 02
New Haven, CT

The second event is CWOS at Erector Square Open Studios weekend. I will have photos and books for sale at a special price for this event. Hope you can make it out, I would love to visit!

Hope you can make it out to one of these events, I would love to visit with you and share the my current work.

GRAPHICS: First Steps Forward

Last year I began to work on integrating computer graphics into my video work. The introduction has taken time to progress into something I could wrap my mind around, and begin to find ways to use it within my work. I hesitated posting something I myself was unsure about,  but as of now can confirm that integration of computer generated imagery will continue to be something I consider and more regularly use.

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In the following piece I directed and my co-worker Mike Schleif created from the last section of my video: Pineapple Girl Series: 3 Seasonsa transition in the means of time and space; creating a visually tactile transition of object & substance. The goal was to see how seamless I could get a pineapple to transition into a substance that looked like sugar or snow, a disintegration of solid form into the space, in this case a snowy day.

Pineapple to Sugar from Lani Asuncion on Vimeo.


Departing from this point, I have began to thinking of new ways to use this medium. There is an aspect of video that graphics calls upon as a reference of itself, creating another context to the work and bringing it farther aways from ideas of the past and more into the mechanical reproduction of the future.

I am currently working on a piece for New Haven’s City Wide Open Studio’s (Erector Square) theme of Crystals that has brought me to Brazil and its urban design and back again to my own ideas and views of place, mythology, and location; more will be posted soon on this project and event soon.

CUBE VIDEO | Version 01

This footage was taken from my  Departing Tide video and edited in Adobe After Effects to be 3D cubes, then I assigned movement to the parent group. I am doing this to test out the form, motion, and timing for a current bigger project. This structuring of video will be applied to a new video series that I am currently working on that continues from my Pineapple Girl Series.

The works that I did over the past couple of years focused on my identity as a American Asian woman and that experience. I want to transition from those works into a new body of work that begins to address the multiplicity of place, location, and time: specifically focusing on the idea of HOME. How does this ever so changing reality of technology change our experience of time, space, and location…is a sense of dislocation a sensibility more commonly felt by many due to the media?
In video I can explore the juxtaposition many places and times all at once and simultaneously construct and deconstruct the medium.

I am interested to see how these ideas will come together and where they will beautifully fall apart.

L x W x D

Slowly but surely I am learning  how to use Adobe After Effects so that the ideas about the next couple of videos I am thinking about can come to life. I am fortunate enough to have access to a full functioning HD production studio and equipment, in addition to having co-workers who love what they do and are good at doing it whom graciously share their skills with me.

It has bee liberating to be given the option to create without the demand for studio space. It would be nice to have a space that’s main use is to incubate art making. It is true that being innovative is a good skill to obtain as an artist, but not having a studio has be hard the up side to the situation is I am forced to find new ways to create work.

The possibilities are infinite when working digitally so being able to marry the ideas from my past projects that originate from performance and non-linier storytelling I am beginning to create narratives that point to ideas of home, disincentiveness, and the existance of multiple [places, memories, and experiences] existing simultaneously at one time. This can be possible in many forms but I am interested in showing this in the way I see and experience it.

Lani's Cube | Mike Schlief

Collaboration has always been something I’ve wanted to be able to do to but know it is not always easy to find the right match of people to connect with on art making, something that otherwise is an independent endeavor. Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to meet many artist who I consider not just peers but genuine friends that I can trust to give me matter of the fact honest critical feedback on work, but also give encouragement through advice but even more so seeing their own hard work and dedication revitalizes my own practice. It is also so amazing to begin with one idea and when thrown into a collaborative mix it begins to grow into its own form rich with layers of perspective and experience. I am excited to see where what turns my work will take with the addition of this new technology and support.