Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery | Exhibition

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Exhibiting ‘3 SISTERS: Lost Myth [Eruption]‘ installation @ Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery
JAN. 13-FEB. 01, 2014 Exhibition
14 Onlyville Square, Providence, RI  [map]

If you are in the Providence area please stop or drive by my exhibit in the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery. Let me know what you think of the work I would love to hear your feedback.

The installation is based off the conflict between the 3 Sisters in my 3 SISTERS: Lost Myth text and the sacrifice by the 3 Fingered Jack character.

…An elder and appointed advisor to the Sisters, father of the land Jack, saw the arising conflict develop and warned the three of allowing their passions to overtake them. The 3 Sisters began to fight. The fires within them grew strong, spewing out onto the land; nothing was safe from their rage.

Middle Sister did not stand down. She took Collier Glacier that was developed by allowing a stagnant mass of water to freeze, collected by her body, that she stabbed into North’s side. Parts of North crumbled as the ice slid into her. While North and Middle fought, South Sister caught the attention of Mount Bachelor, but when the two sisters noticed this, they plucked each and every tree from her crown. Throughout this entire catastrophe elder Jack wanted the raging between the sisters to end. He offered them a finger from each hand as a sacrifice to save the land and all that lived on it.  This offering woke the sisters to their misdeeds, and reminded them of their vow to protect and keep the land.


OPEN STUDIOS: Erector Square

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Two events coming up this week that I will be participating in during City Wide Studios in New Haven hosted by ArtSpace in New Haven.

Friday, Oct. 11 @ 7-9:30 PM
City Wide Open Studios will offer curator-led studio tours to preview the Erector Square Studios where I am one of the selected artists. Guest are invited to attend a cocktail party hosted by Fred Giampietro’s Erector Sq. Gallery. If you are interested in attending please follow the link to buy tickets, all raised funds go to supporting ArtSpace.

Sat. & Sun., Oct. 12-13 @ 12-5 PM
Erector Square
317 Peck St.,
Bld. 07/ Floor 02/ Suit 02
New Haven, CT

The second event is CWOS at Erector Square Open Studios weekend. I will have photos and books for sale at a special price for this event. Hope you can make it out, I would love to visit!

Hope you can make it out to one of these events, I would love to visit with you and share the my current work.

LAMP: Light Artist Making Places

I will be showing Devils Hopyard: Blessing in conjunction with a experimental lantern projection outside of the building projected into the trees. This piece was tagged  and featured on LAMP’s Highlights page.

The entire block will be filled with video projections, performances, music, and a celebration of art with lots of lights and lumens.


The Grove
71 Orange St.,
New Haven, CT

Friday, Oct. 04
8:00-11:00 PM

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/9artslamp

About LAMP:

LAMP is produced by 9arts with support from CT office of the arts, New Haven’s office of Art, Culture and Tourism and Projects 2K.

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HEAD | Show Opening

JoeBrittain_Tantalus_head show


Works by Lani Asuncion, Joe Brittain, Cal Crawford, Georgia Dickie, Cheryl Donegan, Stacie Johnson, Roy Lichtenstein, David Livingston, Laura Marsh, and Christopher Michlig

 Curated by Jeff Ostergren

September 7 – 28, 2013

Open Monday through Friday, 10:00 to 6:00 and Saturdays, 11:00 to 2:00

Opening Reception Saturday, September 7, 12-2 pm
The Institute Library

847 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510


Fem//me Show: Opening Night

Despite the heat, the Fem//me was successful with a steady stream of attendees who were engaged and interactive with the work & artists. There was a live performance by David Livingston who wore his large pink & fuzzy phallus as he stared at the audience, breaking quite the sweat. There was a lot of fun fondling going on, helped keep good vibes throughout the night.

It was really good to hear feedback on the 3 SISTERS & DEVILS HOPYARD SERIES, it was the first time showing the rope performance/sculpture pieces and there was a lot of people that reposed to these works. I have one person ask me if their band could use the SISTERS piece in a one of their performances or to show it on stage while they performed. I love how people cannot help but touch the work because it is to tactile.

During this show I in real life outside of FB friending, met Laura Marsh who also showed sculptural work in this show. It was great to have her Cat Eye, 2011 piece across from my work. I love the playful and unavoidable nature of Laura’s work due to the size and excessively wonderful use of materials.

It excites me to have had the opportunity to show the other women artists in the show and I’m looking forward to working with Selby Nimrod again in the future.