Caldera Arts Center AiR January 2013

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I am honored to have been selected and given the opportunity to participate in Caldera Arts Center January 2013 Artists in Residence Program from January 03-29 near Sisters, Oregon.

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Every winter Caldera invites artists from all over the world to their Arts Center for month long residences. Artists share access to wet and dry studios, a darkroom, a kiln, editing facilities and rehearsal and performance space. Because they believe a range of backgrounds enhances the communal experience, residencies are open to artists from any field, as well as scientists, engineers and environmentalists.

Caldera Arts Center supports interdisciplinary integration throughout programs and encourages collaboration between artists, this being one of the main reasons I decided to applying to the program. I will open my art practice to collaborating with other artist and those outside of my field. In addition, they run multiple programs for the local youth that I will have a chance to participate in during the residency, I have proposed to teach a video focused workshop. Examples of past student projects can be found here. I have been asked to hold a video workshop I am calling Live Action Stop-Animation Stories. 

I specifically chose CALDERA Arts Center AiR Program because it emphasizes on collaboration with other artists within and outside of ones field. I am curious on how my work will be enriched and changed as I work with writers, musicians, engineers, and other visual artists; a process I have just recently began to explore.

To ground the focus of the collaborative work I want to begin by making video work around the Three Sisters, the 3 volcanic peaks of the Cascade Volcanic Arc in Oregon. I am interested in referencing the informational background and volcanic state of the Three Sisters (North/Faith; Middle/Hope; and South/Charity). According to the Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce, members of the Methodist mission in Salem probably named the Three Sisters in the early 1840s. I would like to interview and ask locals what stories or legends they have grown up hearing about these mountains, and I would also like to address their volcanic state and reference this to my own home in Hawaii.

Through research, storytelling, and collaboration my work will begin to take form. For an example of how I take fact and mythological information combined to create visually poetic video follow the link to my video ‘Costa’s High Paradise [ Alto Paraiso da Costa ] (; throughout this work I combined all the above I aim to incorporate while working at CALDERA.

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To raise funds for travel and sending equipments and supplies that will be needed during the residency I created a Kickstarter Project: Lani goes to CALDERA ARTS CENTER 2013 AiR ProgramWith the help of 32 wonderfully generous supporting backers I was to raise $1,280 (after Kickstarter & service fees: $1,145.84).  All my backers are given rewards depending on their donation amount that will be delivered before the end of March 2013.

Throughout the duration of this artist residency I will try my best to keep an updated collection of experiences and progress of work as it is being created.



On the day after my arrival, the weekly Mon. critique gave me an opportunity to see what the other AIR’s were doing and gave me a chance to introduce my own work. It was clear that CAC had drawn each and every artist because of the uniqueness of the space. Between each artist I could connect a thread of common ideas, philosophies, and sensitivity to detail with poetic use of imagery through different mediums. This introduction made me very eager to see how the rest of the residency and interactions with everyone would unfold.

Christain Berman | Kwon HyukMalavika Rajnarayan |

Contemporary Arts Center: Troy, NY

The duration of the artist residency was 2 weeks, May 27-June 9, 2012.

On arriving to CAC Woodside I was immediately pleased at the quietness around the Chapel. Everyone who was at the residency welcomed me. Then at a wonderfully hospitable homemade dinner all the residence and the director Hezzie sat around the dinner table introducing our selves…and then in an attempt to introduce me to the others who were not present at my arrival everyone chose a person to imitate, it was quite entertaining.

For the first few days all the work I had been preparing to do came flooding in at once and on the 2nd day I became overwhelmed. It seems my initial impulse when beginning to work on a  new body of work I start with a large project idea, melding many ideas together…then begin to deconstruct and dissect every part. By doing this I came to new perspectives of the work but it is exhausting and in this case I had 2 weeks and that caused a bit of anxiety within me. There is no particular kind of work I had to do, but rather if I could find a balance of openness to the space and ideas then all the work I have been planning can be transformed into what it needs to be.