AOI Collaboration | An Open Invitation

I was invited by my dear friend Kasey Lou Lindley  to participate in the Sarasota Visual Arts e-mail collaboration, An Open Invitation  [AOI Collaboration].

This project was inspired by Miranda July‘s We Think Alone and mail art. AOI e-mail collaboration began September 2013 and was completed January 31st, 2014. Using text, image, video, sound, or a mixture of two or more, 17 participants — both local and nationally based – responded to an e-mail they received that was created by the previous participant. Below, each participant is organized into numerical order — indicating the order in which they participated and who created what piece, along with their bio [bio’s are found on the main Sarasota Visual Arts site].

The exciting thing about collaborating in this manner is you do not know who the other artists are and you have no idea who’s work you’ll get to respond to. I was given  Memo a audio piece by Regan Stacey. While walking into work that day the sun was shinning brilliantly, the sky was so blue, and the trees outside were such a bright vibrant orange; I thought, “The leaves could fall of any day now, how can I capture this moment?” Then I received Stacy’s piece and all I could think about was the beautiful vibrant orange trees. I grabbed a gopro, attached it to my head, and walked circles around the trees. It is great because some of my students stopped to see what I was so excitedly infacuated with, “The trees, look!”

AOI Collaboration from Lani Asuncion on Vimeo.

Now that the project has been posted I now see what Jeremy Fisher did in response to my video. I love it, and can recognize fragments of my work but it is entirely his own piece. I sat for a long watching the stillness of the foreground as the background moved just right with the audio, waiting and watching to see if the small deer would also move but I am glad it did not.

It is interesting when viewed as a whole you can see bits and pieces from everyone’s work, but no one knew what the other one was doing. There is something beautiful in common consciousness. I don’t think all of the pieces totally work together but there is a point where they all touch somewhere, that I find interesting. It is always great to be encourage to make things outside of your normal art practice. I talked with both Nicole Shift and Ben Piwowar and they both said that they had fun working on something they might not have done otherwise. It was fun to hear Ben explain his process of taking the original image he was given to respond to, and his reasoning for making certain decisions that all rotated around ‘having fun with it & messing around.’ I loved hearing how Nicole took parts of pieces she had worked on in the past and brought them back to life in this project.

I’m so glad to have been able to be a part of this project and look forward to participating in more like it in the future.


L x W x D

Slowly but surely I am learning  how to use Adobe After Effects so that the ideas about the next couple of videos I am thinking about can come to life. I am fortunate enough to have access to a full functioning HD production studio and equipment, in addition to having co-workers who love what they do and are good at doing it whom graciously share their skills with me.

It has bee liberating to be given the option to create without the demand for studio space. It would be nice to have a space that’s main use is to incubate art making. It is true that being innovative is a good skill to obtain as an artist, but not having a studio has be hard the up side to the situation is I am forced to find new ways to create work.

The possibilities are infinite when working digitally so being able to marry the ideas from my past projects that originate from performance and non-linier storytelling I am beginning to create narratives that point to ideas of home, disincentiveness, and the existance of multiple [places, memories, and experiences] existing simultaneously at one time. This can be possible in many forms but I am interested in showing this in the way I see and experience it.

Lani's Cube | Mike Schlief

Collaboration has always been something I’ve wanted to be able to do to but know it is not always easy to find the right match of people to connect with on art making, something that otherwise is an independent endeavor. Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to meet many artist who I consider not just peers but genuine friends that I can trust to give me matter of the fact honest critical feedback on work, but also give encouragement through advice but even more so seeing their own hard work and dedication revitalizes my own practice. It is also so amazing to begin with one idea and when thrown into a collaborative mix it begins to grow into its own form rich with layers of perspective and experience. I am excited to see where what turns my work will take with the addition of this new technology and support.


I have currently been rolling the ideas around, almost literally, of using bits and pieces of video from all the places I have called home. Over the last couple of months I have become extremely homesick but it is many places I miss. Since I moved from Tennessee to Connecticut 2 years ago I have only returned to visit twice, due to school and finances I wasn’t able to visit as much as I would have liked. I had thought of Tennesre as a place I had lived in for a number of years but never really as home, my desire began to grow more and more for the place and all the associations of the people and land becoming an homogeneous want for home.

Not realizing this pain of wanting home, the reality of how long I had spent away from Hawaii set in. The place where I spent my more forming years, where my father was born, and much of my family still live. It had been about 9 years since I had left the island and returning brought back more then an emeses feeling of nostalgia but something familiar to the want or desire for home. Looking around I recognized how much I was a part of this place and its people but also how I was not. It is in this idea of being a part and being separate, how being a nomadic person(s) contributes to the connections and disconnections of home. 

This is where the collaboration comes in…I would like to ask fellow artist, friends, and family to send me bits of video footage of their or our home. In this way I can allow my view to grow and integrate with those experiences of others. Bring the places I miss and long for to me, allowing the chance for connectivity once again.

[ If you would like to participate please send me short (1-5 min.) digital video of pieces of your home or things that remind you of home.

These works will be used as small video sections of a cube that will move, rotate, and transition into forms I will use to build with in a larger video piece. They will not be the main video of any piece but rather a smaller part of a whole. ]

Specific focus locations: Tennessee, Hawaii, Okinawa/Japan, and California

Submission Specs:
1-5 min. digital video (up to 3)
1080p preferred (smaller can be used but may become pixilated in final piece)
Brief description and comment on submitted footage

Comment on this post with a link to footage from your YouTube or  Vimeo  account. Video(s) and/or questions can be sent to asuncionlan[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you do not do video still imagery and audio/music can be submitted…I would love to see this collaboration grow into a complex variety of mediums.

(Note: Not all submitted video will be used for final piece)