CUBE VIDEO | Version 01

This footage was taken from my  Departing Tide video and edited in Adobe After Effects to be 3D cubes, then I assigned movement to the parent group. I am doing this to test out the form, motion, and timing for a current bigger project. This structuring of video will be applied to a new video series that I am currently working on that continues from my Pineapple Girl Series.

The works that I did over the past couple of years focused on my identity as a American Asian woman and that experience. I want to transition from those works into a new body of work that begins to address the multiplicity of place, location, and time: specifically focusing on the idea of HOME. How does this ever so changing reality of technology change our experience of time, space, and location…is a sense of dislocation a sensibility more commonly felt by many due to the media?
In video I can explore the juxtaposition many places and times all at once and simultaneously construct and deconstruct the medium.

I am interested to see how these ideas will come together and where they will beautifully fall apart.