CUBE VIDEO | Version 01

This footage was taken from my  Departing Tide video and edited in Adobe After Effects to be 3D cubes, then I assigned movement to the parent group. I am doing this to test out the form, motion, and timing for a current bigger project. This structuring of video will be applied to a new video series that I am currently working on that continues from my Pineapple Girl Series.

The works that I did over the past couple of years focused on my identity as a American Asian woman and that experience. I want to transition from those works into a new body of work that begins to address the multiplicity of place, location, and time: specifically focusing on the idea of HOME. How does this ever so changing reality of technology change our experience of time, space, and location…is a sense of dislocation a sensibility more commonly felt by many due to the media?
In video I can explore the juxtaposition many places and times all at once and simultaneously construct and deconstruct the medium.

I am interested to see how these ideas will come together and where they will beautifully fall apart.


Pineapple to Sugar

The  imagery in the work Pineapple Girl Series will transform from a pineapple into sugar. The idea comes from the pineapple and sugar plantations in Hawaii and how my father ‘s family worked on both after migrating to Hawaii in the late 1920’s. I am interested in the visual of disintegration that references the culture of Hawaii slowly disintegrating due to the effects of colonization and commercialization of the Islands. It also reminds me of how my past relatives’ cultural histories and traditions  have slowly dematerialized through me a 3rd generation American Asian woman tied to no place or peoples. Video shooting for this project should start this month. This will be the first video work shot in a professional studio using a green screen and implementing Adobe After Effects to edit the work.

Dole Maze