PechaKucha 20×20 New Haven: Modern Myth Making

PechaKucha 20×20 New Haven
Wed., January 29th, 2014
Bentera @ 6:30 PM [directions HERE]
[Facebook event page]

I will be going a group of talented artists and innovative minds at PechaKucha‘s event giving a presentation titled, Modern Myth Making: Process & selected works 

Here is a list of some of the other artists and innovative thinkers speaking:

Mitz Carr … Rowing Is Life Well Lived,
Patrick Foley on Flavor and Fragrance through Sustainable Chemistry,
Giada Crispiels on Residencies for Artists,
Craig Borkenhagen … Watercolors,
Lani Asuncion on Modern Myth Making,
Ray Zhou and Aicha Woods find Beauty in Ice for us,
Mark Williams talks about Caving’s Influence on his Art,
Eric Zeiberg … Giving a Voice to People Without One,
Daniel Eugene brings us Line Drawings and Spoken Word,
and Gale Zucker shows us the wonder of Nash Island Sheep.
Yeah, you really don’t want to miss this.
With trumpeter Timothy Kane,
Technical wizardry provided by Eli Whitney Museum,
Beautification by Design Monsters,
Persuasive writing and exhortation by George Kouros,
Remarkably effective wrangling by Aicha Woods.

Hope to see you there! If you cannot make it I will be posting the documentation of my presentation and the slides.



Femme with Deets_72

Fem//me – an Independent Art Exhibition
July 19-28

OPENING | July 19 @ 1:00-6:00 PM/ After Party 7:00-10:00 PM
1175 State Street, Suit 215, New Haven, CT

Fem//me is an independent pop-up exhibition showcasing the work of emerging female artists in New Haven.  Curated by Selby Nimrod and Hannah Plotke, the assembled works address and subvert female gender constructs and gendered notions of craft.

Exhibited is collage and sculpture by Laura Marsh, video by Sarah Lasley, assemblage and jewelry by Ashley Khirea Wahba, paintings by Hannah Plotke, sculptural video relics by Lani Asuncion, artist’s books by Grace Moskowitz, and a multimedia installation by Julia Cornell. The concept for Fem//me was inspired both by the 50th anniversary of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, and famed performance  artist Marina Abramovic’s denouncement of feminism earlier this year.

Located at 1175 State Street, Suite 215, in the former Robby Len swimsuit building, Fem//me opens on Friday July 19. Fem//me is open to the public from 1-6 PM daily through July 28. There is no admission fee.  Donations are gratefully accepted. All are welcome.

The organizers would like to extend a special thanks to Artspace for their support and the use of their Flatfile.

For more information, please contact Selby Nimrod


My residency at I-Park Foundation was a very fast paced and busy one but I feel despite the loss of 1 1/2 weeks me and my peer group was able to make a good amount of work. Once I was informed about being selected for the May residency I began to do research on the Haddam, CT area trying to see what kind of stories I could find. Much like the dilemma with the 3 Sisters project of not being able to find a substantial original story I contacted the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center and was lead to the book Legendary Connecticut: Traditional Tales from the Nutmeg State by David Philips (July 1, 1995), and found the story of Moodus Noises Devil’s Hopyard about the Devil’s Hopyard Park near the residency. The story I referenced my work on was the story of Dr. Steele, and how he loosened a huge carbuncle form the mouth of Cave Hill. 

Loud were the Moodus noises that night. The mountain shook and groans and hisses were heard in the air as he pried up the stone that lay across the pit-mouth. When he had lifted it off a light poured from it and streamed into the heaven like a crimson comet or a spear of the northern aurora. It was the flash of the great carbuncle, and the stars seen through it were as if dyed in blood. In the morning Steele was gone. He had taken ship for England. The gem carried with it an evil fate, for the galley sank in mid-ocean; but, though buried beneath a thousand fathoms of water, the red ray of the carbuncle sometimes shoots up from the sea, and the glow of it strikes fear into the hearts of passing sailors. Long after, when the booming was heard, the Indians said that the hill was giving birth to another beautiful stone. (190-95)

I also created a hood made out of 700 ft. of white nylon rope that was influenced by Haddam, CT being one of the main producers of fishing nets & mother of pearl button in New England during the early 1900’s. These stories, legends, and histories helped feed my work ask I began exploring the tucked away treasure of I-Park lush and extensive grounds and the Devil’s Hopyard & Machimoodus State Parks. WATCH VIDEO HERE


I-Park Foundation: May AiR

I am honored to have been selected to be a part of I-Park Foundation (Haddam, CT) May 2013 Artists in Residence session with the following artists:
Monica Hernandez-Truitt, Tung-Hui HuMadeline Irvine, Alice Miceli, Tawnie Olson, and Chad Stayrook.

In addition to the residency they asked me to do freelance Videography & Photography work to produce the AiR Open Studios Preview Videos, I have done all the work form 2013 to current [find video HERE].

Here is the Preview video for my group:

Preview Video: May 2013 Open Studios from I-Park Foundation on Vimeo.


DAY O1  

01.03.13  [ Thurs. ]

After having the privilege of spending the night and afternoon in Portland, OR I headed back to the Portland International Airport (PDX) to meet up with fellow AiR Jimmy Newborg to take the 3 hour bus ride to Redmond Airport where we were picked up by Caldera facility coordinator  Kathy Spezza who took us the remainder of 52 min. to Sister.

We arrived in the dark of the night at 8:00PM so nothing was visible but snow covered roads and dark silhouette of trees. Kathy drove us to a row of 4 A-frame cabins where Jimmy and I had our names written in green on a white card pinned to the left of each door…at the right of the entrance was a stack of wood, kindling, & an ax; for some reason the first glance of this made my heart jump to think of the ‘rustic’ condition I would be living in for the next month. Once I walked in my fears were subsided by a warm welcoming cabin FULLY furnished & with central heating and an optional hearth fire. Each artists, unless coming as a couple or collaborative group, has their own cabin & 24-hr. assessable studio. The studio’s are immensely spacious and depending on which location you choose will have access to a downstairs floor area and an upstairs loft space. AiR John Berendzen has chose to take the entire Hearth Arts Center as his studio, using the expansive wooden constructed rooms to create his audio works within.

DAY 02  

01.04.13 [ Fri. ]

The moment I walked into my cottage I felt that I can create and think clearly in this place. The stillness and silence I take as a privilege, a rare thing found in such a fast moving world. Here I can think and there is nothing standing in the way of that or consequences for taking the time to do so.

I have been fortunate enough to bond with fellow AiR Beth Loffreda who took me snow shoeing for the first time. I love the fact that every step is a conscious action and one has to be aware of what direction and route they choose to take. The landscape in Sisters, OR is breathtaking, we trekked along Shuttle Lake amongst the Ponderosa pines. 

The bulk of my supplies have been delayed due to ‘Emergency conditions beyond UPS control’ and there is no delivery on Saturdays so I will have to find other means to start working with, I will not let this delay me…I will find some way to begin working.

DAY 03 & 04


[ Sat. ]

The studios here are huge and I have been put in Studio B/ Dry Studio. I did not know what to expect pertaining to size and layout but I am pleasantly surprised at the immense space and setup. I am able to have one area for making the pieces for my video and the upstairs loft area for editing and keeping my equipment.

Due to the lack of majority of my materials I have taking this time to do more research on the geographical Sisters locations, as well as search more for any myths written on the 3 Sisters Mountain Range. It is amazing what uninterrupted research time can bring. I have been able to compile enough research to begin writing my myth on the 3 Sisters.

[ Sun. ]

2013-01-06 12.32.37

What a productive morning, I have written my myth about 470 words that will be edited and changed over the duration of this project. I am very excited to have the majority of this part done because it will serve as a backbone to the work as it begins to unfold. Once the text has been overlooked by my editor Jimmy then I will post it with other project progress.

After being here for a couple days and not really having the chance to get my hands dirty in the studio I decided to go searching for material around the grounds. The search lead me to the cardboard dumpster where I was able to find very interesting things to work with, not only did I find good stuff to work with but it was really fun jumping into a dumpster (a clean, cardboard only one). This has got my creative sparks flying and helped me get the studio setup and allowed me to embrace being flexible in my initial plans….check out what I found.